About Us

Our design is shaped by our experience. India Eclectic, deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad diverse range of sources. Create beauty and harmony using colours, tones and choice of materials. A fine balance of aesthetics and comfort. Our working ethos is derived from having been an industry leader for over 25 years. We pride ourself on being professional, ethical, inclusive and dynamic with all of our projects and assignments.


Grounded in our unique design philosophy, every home we create begins and ends with our clients. It is from their personality and aesthetic that we take our direction, right from the blueprint to the swathes of colour and texture used in the interiors.


Building your dream home - going beyond design development to overseeing its detailed execution.


We build, live and flourish within the richly hued and vibrantly layered landscape of India’s vast coastlines, majestic mountains and cultural milieu. It is against this mesmerizing backdrop, built and rebuilt over the centuries, that we envision luxurious homes steeped in the natural tranquillity of their surrounds. At Tahiliani Homes, our first instinct is to understand the unique size, shape and environment of each space of land. The structures we design draw from the nature around them with a dedication to preserving and enhancing the natural landscape.


Right from the intuitive architecture to the thoughtful interiors and furnishings, every Tahiliani Homes creation looks first to indigenous materials and traditional finishes that are most often best-suited to our local climes.